New Single, "Loveless" Released

I’m super excited to announce my latest single, Loveless. This one is for the messy, hurtful break-ups.

But why are you writing songs about this kind of topic now, you might ask? I’m recently happily engaged, and haven’t had to go through something like this in a long time.

I spoke about my songwriting process in a songwriting workshop this past weekend. I explained that I often write my songs from the perspective of someone else- Stepping into a persona, if you will. Often, the feelings behind the songs I have written are feelings that I have felt before, but they might not be fresh for me. I write songs that I hope will resonate with the person listening to it. This song is an example of stepping into those feelings for a moment.

Before I released this song, I was feeling a lot of pressure to release a bubbly, happy summer pop song. I was also feeling pressure to go into a recording studio and put my work into someone else’s hands. But I wanted to stick with my truly DIY roots and recorded and produced this song myself in my home studio.

So I’ve had this song on my hands, and I realized that life isn’t always happy-go-lucky, and it doesn’t have to be. It’s okay to have songs for these times. Sometimes you have the storms. Sometimes you’re left Loveless.

I hope you enjoy it.

You can find it on Spotify here:

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